The colourful worlds of fashion and interior design have long been intertwined. After all, good style permeates every fibre of life’s rich fabric, something that is only enhanced by social media and the rise of Instagram. A swift thumb-scroll through any feed and you are likely to see as many shots of picture-perfect abodes as you are a carefully curated outfit or a plate of something rainbow and raw. This exclusive peek through the keyhole into other people’s homes only acts to accelerate the attention we give to our own; every piece inside it put there with the understanding that literally anyone could - and frankly should - see.

In reaction to this, fashion retailers - particularly those of the luxury variety - are looking to take a slice of the $649 billion interiors pie for their own, creating design that expressly caters for the appetite of the millennial shopper who is not satiated by more traditional homeware outlets.

In fact, right now, luxury fashion homewares are having a serious moment. Brands like Gucci are translating their strong brand identity into an in-house line of cushions and chairs, whilst a Virgil Abloh-designed collection is making its way this year. In many ways it makes total sense. In selling luxury, high-end retailers are selling their customers an exclusive, fantastical world that goes far beyond clothing and accessories. They are pitching an entire lifestyle to accompany it and, in extending their offerings to not only touch our wardrobes but the very room and home in which it stands, we are finally invited through the front door. For many customers, homeware is an extension of their personal style - so what better than their favourite luxury fashion brand to further affirm their good taste?

Here, we take a look at three of the most exciting fashion-to-interiors crossovers available for purchase now.