Mr Morley Munson, Murderer — Chapter 5

Mr Morley Munson, Murderer — Chapter 5 Morley Munson felt some kind of unearthly pull toward Constance Freeman from the first moment that he’d seen her. He had worked with her husband for years—he was a tax accountant for Mr. Hubert Munson—and he had stayed on after Morley Munson assumed control of the company.

Morley Munson hadn’t thought too much about his business colleague until the day that Constance Freeman (a handsome woman of uncertain age) had strolled into the front office of Munson & Munson with
a package dangling from one finger and a coat held tightly by the collar in the other.She had been shopping and was now searching for her husband, who was still working on the books in a back room since the tax year was rapidly coming to a close.

Morley Munson knew at once that he had
to be with her. He knew that he would do anything to have a woman like that on his arm, a big-boned redhead who wore an easy smile on her lips and a knowing look in her eyes. She and Morley Munson exchanged no more than four words (two of which were “Good afternoon”) at that initial meeting
but that was of no consequence: Mr. Morley Munson’s heart, or at least what was left of it, was hers for the taking.Morley Munson knew that it would never be possible to leave his sickly wife or run off with Constance Freeman without life (or himself) intervening in some way. Of that there could be little doubt.

Morley Munson sat on a bench in the park contemplating his fate while crushing stray ants with two fingers, idly studying each pulverized body on the tip of his nail before flicking it away.

Morley Munson eventually came to a most obvious conclusion: Murder.

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