Morley Munson – Chapter 45

Morley Munson remained hidden behind a tree while the local detective got out of his car and began to wander around near the porch of the cabin in the woods. Morley Munson realized that he had to do something quickly; if this policeman stayed here for any length of time then the killer that Morley Munson was waiting to meet might very well be spooked by the presence of the authorities and never make himself known (as he had promised in his last note).

Morley Munson supposed that the local detective had traced him here to this place and had yet another series of long-winded (and useless)questions to ask him about a variety of crimes that he could now barely even remember committing. Morley Munson had grown very tired of this meddling policeman and quietly promised himself to rid the world of this local detective in the (near) future.

Morley Munson decided that the only way to deal with this man was to step out from his hiding place and speak to him in hopes of answering his queries quickly (and thereby sending him on his way). There was no time to lose.

Morley Munson stood up and walked out into the clearing near the cabin,coughing and staring into the headlights of the local detective’s late-model Buick. He smiled as he stepped into the glare of the car’s lights (that reflected off his thick glasses). Morley Munson said “Hello there! I’m sorry, I was just looking for some firewood and I heard your car approach. Can I help you, officer?”

Morley Munson started to say more when he saw something in the hand of the local detective that made him freeze (in his tracks). It was a plastic baggie that held the large severed hand of a woman.

Morley Munson leapt at the local detective without thinking — before he could draw his weapon — and the two men began to roll on the ground and fight for their lives.

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