Morley Munson — Chapter 21

Chapter_twentyone Morley Munson.
Morley Munson was certain that Constance Freeman didn’t miss her husband — that just wasn’t possible — but she was a woman who liked to be in control and the unknown unnerved her. Where had her husband gone? What was he up to now? She had been so sure that his going to Morley Munson’s house (with her sketches in hand) would finally
be the end of this silly game, and Constance Freeman was tired of waiting for him to die (or be killed).

Morley Munson tried to play his part as well. If he didn’t show enough concern he

was sure that this would be read as a sign that something suspicious had played out (on the evening in question). Too much concern and that would probably appear to be insincere as well. Morley Munson did his best to keep nodding (and listening) and pushing his thick glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose, knowing all the while that the body of Constance Freeman’s husband was resting in a shallow grave beneath the deep freezer in his basement.

Morley Munson planned to take the body and bury it or sink it in one of the many local ponds at his first opportunity, butright now it made complete sense to keep Constance Freeman’s (dead) husband right where he was. Safely hidden away.

Morley Munson knew that Constance Freeman’s husband being officially listed
as ‘missing’ was going to play havoc on their relationship. She would never be free to marry him (or collect the insurance) until
a body was produced and if this went on much longer, there would be trouble.

Morley Munson sat with his back against the deep freezer and suddenly vomited — he didn’t have a conscience (per se), but
he knew a problem when he saw one.

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