Morley Munson — Chapter 12

Morley Munson still spent a great deal of time on the road and it
was here that he did most of his thinking these days. He felt secure in his mid-century Mercedes and able to piece
the recent events of his life together into a coherent (if somewhat troubling) pattern.

Morley Munson knew that he was a series
of contradictions and yet somehow felt
at peace with this fact. He was the owner of
a company who was also its best (and only) salesman. He was a widower and also in love (with another man’s wife). He was a murderer yet free to wander the streets.Morley Munson was in the midst of one of these ‘thinking’ sprees — on the highway and speeding along — when he suddenly knew where he’d first seen the face of his new secretary. She had been seated at dinner with a local detective when Morley Munson had felt himself being watched. Was this a coincidence? Was she just an innocent bystander in the tragic tapestry
of Morley Munson’s life or was she now an active participant? Morley Munson knew that he wouldn’t rest until he found out
the truth.

Morley Munson stopped (for a sandwich) and tried to ring Constance Freeman froma roadside pay phone. Her husband picked
up the line and said “Hello?” Unsure what
to say Morley Munson stayed on the call
for a moment, breathing heavily into the
receiver, then hung up. Eyes bulging.

Morley Munson stood stock still in the phone booth, trying to gather his spiraling thoughts. He suddenly slammed his head savagely against the door, again and again. Drawing blood. Morley Munson stumbled
to his car and climbed inside. He gunned the engine and sped off down the road,
not noticing a snake slithering across the blacktop. Splat.

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