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The Last Supper Club

This Shoreditch pop up restaurant offers an apocalyptic Dooms Day menu

If the world really is ending this month, let’s at least go out on a full stomach. That seems to be the idea behind Shoreditch’s latest pop up restaurant, staged at The Yard. Running until Christmas, The Last Supper Club – a joint culinary collaboration between the Halo Group and Platterform – serves food inspired by the Mayan Indians’ Doom Day prophesy. “We have spent weeks designing and transforming the space with all of our production and creativity gleamed for years working in the festival arena and Platterform have worked hard on creating food and drink menus that captures their imagination and innovation in the kitchen,” says TLSC. On the menu, you’ll find a clever mixture of street food and luxury dishes, fusing Middle Eastern, British and Asian food. Make sure you get a chance to try this apocalyptic food feast before it’s too late

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