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Synaesthetic Alcohol

Bulldog Gin collaborates with experimental design duo Bompas & Parr at Field Day London in a synaesthetic vision of music, taste and divergent architecture 

Science and magic. Often considered mutually exclusive – delineating between ideas of mysticism and those embedded in fact and reason. Yet the team at Bompas & Parr aptly cater to both belief systems, where their experimental and science-led designs invoke a humanistic approach and a magic sensibility that bring an accessibility to some of the worlds’ most exciting culinary trends.

Deeming themselves both ‘generalists’ and ‘specificists’, they employ food as their principal medium, moulding a new architectural landscape within the culinary industry. Bompas & Parr began with Jelly architecture in 2007, using moulds of some of London’s most famed building’s to create their sweet desserts that they then sold in a stall in Borough market. From there, the pair of school friends expanded to take on all forms of experimental dining, synaesthetic food, performance and events. Their creations range from an ‘Alcoholic Architecture’ bar where visitors can get drunk on the air, flavour changing chewing-gum to a ‘Dinner at the Twits’. 

Teetering on the edge of the impossible, the team are often equated with this century’s Willy Wonkas – working closely with the Roald Dahl estate on numerous projects. The appellation is certainly indicative of the team’s successful marketing strategy but also of its veritable ability to re-imagine and transform the mundane.

Beyond the Waterfall, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, photography Charlie Surbey

Almost 12 years since its conception in 2007, the iconic duo behind the brand, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr,  have partnered with Bulldog London Dry Gin and Field Day Festival in London this year, to bring their new marvellous creation to life.

The collaboration between the Festival and Bulldog Gin made space for a new arena – the Bulldog Gin Yard – hosting a line-up of curated DJ’s, bars as well as Bompas & Parr ‘s BULLDOG Gin Flavour Accelerator.

Re-imagining the drink within the realms of science and developing on research surrounding the effects of CO2 on the rate of our absorption of alcohol, the team at Bompas & Parr created a space for revellers to enjoy the drink on a new platform. 

The Flavour Accelerator produced a cloud of carbon dioxide and a sudden chill that promised to accelerate the drinks’ own reverberations –  an array of botanicals from all over the world including lotus leaf, dragon eye, lavender, white poppy and oris. Field Day revellers were able to experience the drink in a heightened framework, with Bulldog Gin remaining true to its 250 year old ethos, its flavour and 40% ABV.

Field Day Festival collaborated with Bulldog London Dry Gin for its 2019 Festival