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To celebrate Burns night, Michelin-starred brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin share their Cranachan recipe


50gr Oatmeal (dusted with a little icing sugar)
325gr Raspberries
10g Caster sugar
350ml Double cream
35gr Scottish Honey
10-15 ml Single malt Whisky

Serves 4


Toast the oatmeal by sprinkling on a baking tray and grill until it smells slightly nutty. This can be done in a hot oven but needs regular checking. It will not darken quickly, trust your sense of smell to know when the tasty sweet spot is achieved, allow the oatmeal to cool.

Take half of the raspberries and crush with the back of a fork, add a little caster sugar to taste, (good quality raspberries will not need much). Mix the whole raspberries and raspberry purée together, reserving 3 raspberries for garnish on top of each Cranachan.

Whisk the double cream until just set, the peaks should hold their shape.

Carefully stir in the honey and whisky, do not over mix. Test and taste with a teaspoon, then mix and correct with a little more whisky or honey, but remember you can add but not take away!

Allow the cream to cool for 30 mins.

Remove the whisky & honey cream from the fridge and carefully fold the cool oatmeal through the cream, reserving 1/2 tablespoon of toasted oatmeal to sprinkle on top of Cranachan.

To finish and serve

Take 4 chilled dishes and build each Cranachan in alternate layers, starting with the the raspberry mix first, then the whisky & honey cream. When all glasses are equal – probably two or three layers – place in fridge for at least 30mins. To serve, remove from the fridge, finish the top with the three raspberries on each, and finally sprinkle the tops with the reserved toasted oatmeal.