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Photo essay: Colour in Havana

Kane Hulse’s new photography project unearths the colourful architecture and characters that inhabit Cuba’s capital city

The latest project by photographer Kane Hulse, Havana, is a 92-page photobook released on Never Been Publishing that shows life in Cuba through reflections on form and colour, capturing the city’s visceral and lesser-exposed beauty. The photographs, taken in 2014, open up the nation’s capital for an insight into life in Havana, before the country goes through monumental change as it rebuilds bridges with the US.

Focusing on Havana’s vast array of colourful people and places, Hulse’s sun-washed images, shot on film, create a timeless document of an extraordinary Caribbean city. Powder pink buildings set against emerald skies sit alongside brutalist sports stadia, art deco cinemas and crumbling facades, all nodding to the romance of Havana in its heyday. Here, Hulse shares some exclusive images from his new book.

An exhibition of images from the Havana series will be on display at E Tautz’s Duke St. store in London from 28 May 2015. The book is available from