The Hermès Coffee Cup Holder

Photographer Christian Alegria and stylist Michele Rafferty look closer at the ultimate luxury item, a fine leather cup holder from the French House

Sipping your cappuccino from a paper cup can be aesthetically disappointing. Perhaps a first world problem, but enjoying your increasingly rarified caffeine hit whilst protecting your hands from a scalding is a real concern. The accoutrements of the take-away coffee have, until now, been largely ignored. Your phone has a cover, your iPad a sleeve and laptop a case… now the lowly cardboard cup can be upgraded and the drinking experience enhanced. The Hermès coffee cup holder is discreetly slipped to your favourite barrista who can then ease your vanilla latte into this luxury receptacle. Just be sure to snatch it back quick before they scrawl your name on it with a marker pen…

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Photography Christian Alegria
Words and styling Michele Rafferty

Hermes_cup holder (leather)
Hermes_cup holder