Sky High

In an exclusive Summer Issue 2 shoot for the PORT website, Paul Calver captures the poise and skill of Team GB’s trampolinists as they showcase sportswear in a cornucopia of colour with styling by Olie Arnold

As an Olympic sport, trampolining is often overlooked in favour of the competitiveness of aquatics, fast pace of volleyball or speed of the track and field. But trampolining is an exercise in poise, strength and control. Seeking to capture and freeze the skill and beauty of the sport, Paul Calver shoots the artistry of Team GB’s 2012 hopefuls.

Photography Paul Calver
Styling Olie Arnold at Balcony Jump Artists
Photographic assistant Michela Letang
Gymnasts Emma Smith, Luke Strong, Nathan Bailey, Steven Williams, Jack Helme
Retouching Stephen Bryant at UpperStudio London