Casely-Hayford AW13: Making KingsLand Knights

We visit Joe and Charlie’s factory for exclusive behind-the-scenes imagery of their AW13 collection

What do you get if you fuse a 90s hip hop aesthetic with ice hockey and throw in a dash of British suedehead subculture? Well, if you ask Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford, the answer is an AW13 collection called KingsLand Knights. In their version of ‘Hackney hockey’, the father and son duo have created a sartorial proposal that takes the loose and sporty silhouette and refines it with luxe wools, cashmere and cottons.

Instead of oversized nylon jerseys, Casley-Hayford presents stripey knits and three-piece suits. The brand is known to look at their local Kingsland Road area for inspiration and merges references from this cultural melting pot with traditional British tailoring heritage. The result, as seen in AW13, is a unique blend of directional pieces and wearable wardrobe staples. “We gave the look a London twist by introducing suedehead and skinheads influences, and juxtaposed technical Japanese sportswear fabrics with traditional luxury English cloths to bring these two disparate worlds together and create a new silhouette – oversized relaxed sportswear tops with clean, streamlined slim trouser and 10 hole boots,” Charlie says about the collection.