Britain at its Dressed

One hundred years on, the venerable Gieves & Hawkes is still showing the world how it puts the great into Britain

Ever since Gieves & Hawkes established itself as the Navy’s go-to outfitters in 1911, it has stood proud and ramrod-straight, for the establishment. But priorities change over time, and now the label is increasingly worn by members of a new establishment: still very British, the creative metropolitan types paying homage to our maritime traditions are more likely to be found treading the boards than sailing the high seas – like actor Nick Blood, the up-and-coming Trollied actor who stars here.

A variation of this feature, with words by Phil Rhys Thomas photography, John Spinks and styled by David St John-James appears in issue 4 of Port

Nick Blood Gieves & Hawkes
Actor Nick Blood in Port's exclusive Gieves & Hawkes fashion shoot