An Inspiration: Tourne De Transmission SS17

Ahead of Tourne De Transmission’s SS17 presentation, the brand’s creative director, Graeme Gaughan, explains how artist Chris Dorland inspired his latest collection

Untitled (7 things a hypochondriac would never say), Chris Dorland, 2015
Untitled (7 things a hypochondriac would never say), Chris Dorland, 2015

“Tourne De Transmission SS17 collection, ‘Choose Your Escape Route’, takes in elements of almost perverse juxtaposition. The core theory of the collection came through a conversation with NYC-based contemporary artist Chris Dorland, whose love for global references toward mixed media, mirror the interests of TDT’s creative director, Graeme Gaughan.”

While it is not a collaboration with Chris Dorland, TDT have created prints inspired by his work and have had them printed across huge billboard-sized vinyl posters, which were deconstructed and used within the collection’s ready-to-wear clothing and show set. Here, ahead of his LCD SS17 presentation, Gaughan explains how the collection came about.

“We got talking about both our global influences, mine in Eastern clothing customs, cutting and silhouettes, and Chris’ in his re-working of both commercial and bi-product media.”

“We started to discuss his recent ‘Scanners’ work, which I loved, and began to talk about his use of huge vinyl billboard posters within his work. We also talked about, how in recent years these billboards were collected and used as shelter equipment by charities and humanitarians bodies to use in war zones for refugees or, in the third world to provide basic shelter after they were discarded by the Western world. There was something quite wrong with this idea of media making us want to spend money on something not necessary, while in another environment it is turned into one of the most essential of things: basic shelter. This is something I felt I wanted to touch on.”

“Further to this concept of odd juxtapositions, a lot of the styles and silhouettes in the collection are being created in fabrics that likewise don’t fit the media in which they are made, such as huge oversized rain ponchos and parkas made in premium tailoring fabrics. With TDT’s signature raw edges and patchwork elements working the vinyl prints to create a striking clash of textures, colour and depth.”