The Port Architecture & Design Survey

For our 13th issue, we commissioned a special research survey to find out from the industry itself the consensus regarding innovations in architecture, design and commissioning bodies. Download your copy today

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Words Brett Steele
Illustration Alexander Wells

This first-ever annual worldwide survey by Port provides a rare glimpse into what you might call architecture’s collective global consciousness: the opinions, beliefs and attitudes of architects, designers, clients, educators and collaborators about who and what, over the past year, have had the greatest impact within architecture and design.

Some regular annual surveys rank professional output according to familiar (often commercial) criteria. Other tired annual award schemes are well-known registers of sector or industry-wide polling, intended to yield singular accolades and exceptionalism. Yet others try to take the temperature of architecture or design by means of widespread (at times even random) public opinion. This new annual Portal into the mind of architecture and design today seeks something entirely different: to find out what leading figures in architecture, design and culture themselves think matters the most in the world of architecture and design. The ambition is as elegant as the idea is empowering. Ultimately, what matters here is the recording of influence, of the most elusive kind, allowing the reader to glimpse how new ideas, careers and projects end up influencing other architects and designers.

Because Port has deliberately reached beyond strict disciplinary borders and professional limits, we are left, not only with a unique, lively and truly global view of where architecture and design are now, but also this: a culture of ideas, projects and personalities, more than a profession of services, interests and identities. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Many thanks to everyone, across many continents, who took part.

Brett Steele
Director, AA School of Architecture