Clerkenwell Design Week is Assembling 200 Chairs

With CDW launching today, we take a closer look at the installation by Assemble Studios – a landscape of 200 chairs

Stratford-based design and architectural collective, Assemble, are set to unveil their ambitious 200 Chairs installation today, commissioned as part of Clerkenwell Presents.

Elegantly conceived, yet designed for low-cost production, the chair’s tessellating triangular structure offers stability (when standing on any surface) whilst also being lightweight. Manufactured at their Sugarhouse studio, (their construction documented here), the chairs are a prototype with instruction manuals for their construction available free of charge at the festival.

On the eve of their unveiling, design manufacturer James Binning was quietly confident about their success, saying “the process has gone very well”. The chair’s production involved “a lot of repetitive tasks; the key has been to make very accurate and speedy jigs… Having a good jig is like having several handy assistants,” James added.

Appearing in a variety of arrangements across CDW (shown left), the chairs are designed to encourage discussion and interaction with their surroundings by providing a facility for the public to engage with, as well as react to, particularly the size of their configuration and surprising (sometimes bizarre) layouts.

Keep up-to-date with 200 Chairs and other installations at Clerkenwell Design Week runs from 21-23 May in various locations around London

Chairs stacked (triangular shape making them appear as star formations) - 200 chair project, Assemble studio
welding the chair legs, Assemble studio
Welding chair legs, Assemble studio - 200 year project
Stacked chairs waiting to go
chair legs ready to go, 200 chairs