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Bread Collective Port Film: Atramentum


The inspiration for issue 8's section openers, as it appears in 'Tomato'

For our latest issue, we commissioned Bread Collective to paint the section openers for the magazine. Port Creative Director Kuchar Swara talks about the idea behind them

“From issue 6 onwards, we’ve been keen to produce hand made / bespoke typography for all our section openers. For issue 8, we drew inspiration from a book that’s on the bookshelf of every self-respecting design student, Process; A Tomato Project. The question was how to do it: 7 section openers and feature leads would surely take many days to produce, and how (and where) would we shoot it?

Step forward Bread Collective, brilliant letter-painting artists based in East London and the fantastically talented Thomas Brown (who’s work has appeared in every issue of Port to date). Armed with a litres of black paint, brushes and a trusty hairdryer, the guys pulled off all 7 images in a single day. I particularly like the little details such as the paint brushes and rollers in the images, and the fading light in the window as the day drew to an end.”

Directed by Bread Collective
Photography Thomas Brown
Director of Photography Andrew Corrigan
Music St Louis Blues by Sam Chatmon

Kuchar is Port’s Creative Director. Find out more about Bread Collective at their website