Edgy Metal

Crisply crenelated, sculpted, polished and burnished: the sporty heft of Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas takes the venerable marque […]

Hey, Mister Tambour

Louis Vuitton has played an unexpected song for just over 20 years, a rare example of fashion reaching beyond its comfort zone into hardcore horology

First time

Celebrating the redesign of its fine watch and jewellery division’s Parisian home, Chanel has returned to the cocktail piece that started it all – both named and shaped all-too appropriately

Coco Electro

Chanel’s watchmakers have downed tools and upped glowsticks, teleporting back to 1990s club culture and rocking some luridly fabulous wristwear

2020 Vision

Twenty years since launching to slack-jawed fashion and watch press alike, Chanel has remodelled its J12 for the 21st century. Allow Laura McCreddie-Doak to wind things back and see what’s next

How Geneva Got Its Groove Back

Switzerland’s venerable haute horloger, Vacheron Constantin, is winning over millennials and gen-zedders with just the right balance of new-age fun and vintage feel