Ode To Joy

The Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo explores the paradox of darkness and light in a series of works that celebrate the ephemera of childhood

Life Extinguished

The artist Gavin Turk on creating an atypical exhibition that explores the landscape of collective trauma

God is in the Room

The contemporary artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn on the lost art of storytelling and the divine nature of integrity

We See Through A Glass Darkly

The melancholic singer-songwriter Lykke Li on the genesis of her most intimate album to date, shifting psychological patterns and the universality of suffering

Music For The End of The World

The guitar-shredding firebrand Jon Spencer on creating a dystopian party album for the impending apocalypse, and the eternal power of rock’n’roll 

Tess Parks: Dancing In The Dark

The sonic chanteuse and psyche songstress on her latest album, the healing power of psychedelics and the dangers of the metaverse