Ignacio Quiles: QP & Monty

Samantha Casolari and Giovanna Maselli “cut a clean line” through the mind of New York vintage menswear store owner Ignacio Quiles of QP & Monty

In this short film, we take a look around Ignacio’s apartment, sampling his personal wardrobe and share his memories of New York in the 1970s, when Friday night meant waistcoats and “great lines” and when every man looked “sharp as a tac”.

Samantha Casolari shot our feature interview with Joan as Police Woman for Port issue 7. Click to read their interviews with Nicolas Jaar and Bob Recine

Directed and filmed by Samantha Casolari
Journalist Giovanna Maselli
Editing Jo B
Styling Ignacio Quiles


Ignacio Quiles, QP & Monty