Spotlight: Lou Dalton SS16

British menswear designer Lou Dalton explains the utilitarian inspiration behind her oversized pockets ahead of her LCM catwalk show

Lou Dalton
Pictured: Lou Dalton

Retail is in the detail, or so the old saying goes. The same can be said for fashion in general, and nowhere is that as true as in menswear. While womenswear has always been focused on silhouettes and shapes, men’s fashion has tended to look at colours, materials and details… Not such a bad trade-off when you think about it.

Take Lou Dalton for example. The British designer has carved out a niche for her intricate menswear, full of subcultural references and nods towards military uniforms. And what defines army uniforms? Utilitarian and functional details.

A first look at part of Lou Dalton's SS16 collection, which features  oversized balloon pockets
A first look at part of Lou Dalton’s SS16 collection, which features oversized balloon pockets

For SS16, this been realised in these oversized pockets. Seen here in the early stages of design in a toile fabric, these balloon pockets show Dalton’s determination to make big changes by exaggerating the small details that we take for granted.

“One of the main elements I’ve focused on in terms of details is the pocketing. Most of the pocket are oversized,” Dalton explains. “The points of reference go from poacher’s pockets through to classic bellows pockets, exaggerated in form to veer away from the traditional, utilitarian look towards something more sports luxe.”