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Rally Nippon – A Journey Through Heritage

Port showcases exclusive images from the dunhill-sponsored classic car rally in Japan

Cars are intrinsically part of a man’s style. That has always been the case and the relationship between men, motoring and fashion shows no signs of weakening. What fluctuates though, is what kind of cars men like to be seen in. Some take a modern approach, others go for a ironic take on Minis from the 1970s or 80s. There’s no right or wrong. But there’s one alternative that’s absolutely flawless and, per definition, timeless. Picture an exquisite classic car, the role model for whatever Ferrari and Porsche put out today, and you have the real soul of motoring.

And the place where this comes together in beautiful cacophony is Rally Nippon, a 1,000 mile-long journey through Japan featuring thousands of top-notch classic cars. Beginning at the Dazaifu shrine, where cars are ceremonially blessed before setting off, the luxury convoy drives through some of Southern Japan’s most notable landmarks on a circuit that takes them through breath-taking mountain roads. As principal sponsor of the journey, dunhill is not just enthusiastic about fine suiting but also the heritage machinery on display at Rally Nippon. At the latest edition, the sixth since it started, the dunhill crew brought along a camera to document the journey. The film can be watched HERE. Meanwhile we have these exclusive images from Nippon…