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— January 10, 2013

Hardy Amies AW13 Manifesto

  • Claire Malcolm discusses the royal connotations and Bauhaus inspiration behind her latest collection


    Interview David Hellqvist
    Photography Morgan O’Donovan

    When starting to think about any new collection I like to give myself a story as a starting point or framework. In the past I have been inspired by stories or photos of Hardy Amies himself from our extensive archive and I often like to collide two different worlds together to create something new. For the AW13 collection I had been thinking about Hardy’s royal connections and him mixing in high society circles. I liked this idea of Hardy being ‘all things to all men’ a quality that I think is important for a modern gentleman today. Simultaneously I like to use each collection as an ‘excuse’ to study or spend time learning more about a topic in which I have a personal interest – I am after all going to be thinking about this every day for the next six months! For this season that was the Bauhaus school of design.

  • PORT-Hardy-Amies-AW13 Morgan ODonovan

    I imagined a ‘what if’ for the AW13 collection. What if Josef and Anni Albers had been inspired to create a collection to wear for a weekend away with the royals at Balmoral in the 1930s. I was particularly interested in developing a new winter check. I personally love checks but am tired of seeing the same designs in every winter collection, so the main challenge for this season was to create a new check – a Bauhaus Tartan. I’m always inspired by the 1930s, a period I like to reinvent and modernise for the modern man. The aim each season is to bring all the enjoyment of being that glamorous man into the 21st century.

    I think the goal for every Hardy Amies collection is to deliver the best in modern British tailoring. At the moment I feel there is a rediscovery in the enjoyment of wearing tailoring and we want to make being a “modern gentleman” fun and desirable.


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