Exclusive: Ermenegildo Zegna’s ‘A Rose Reborn’ Film

We premiere episode three, titled ‘Unless I’m dead’, of the Italian brand’s cinematic collaboration with director Park Chan-wook and actor Jack Huston

In her speech during the 1986 Academy Awards ceremony, Audrey Hepburn once and for all defined the relationship between film and clothes: “If clothes make the man, then certainly the costume designer makes the actor! The costume designer is not only essential, but is vital for it is they who create the look of the character without which no performance can succeed.” A good film requires good acting, but good acting, in turn, needs a thought-out wardrobe, enabling the actor to play the role with complete credibility and comfort.

Few other films testify to that fact as much as A Rose Reborn, the cinematic collaboration between Oldboy and Stoker director Park Chan-wook and Italian brand Ermenegildo Zegna.In it, Jack Huston plays Stephen, a British engineer who’s developed a new technology which his investors demand that he personally present to a potential buyer, Mr. Lu, who’s interested in acquiring Stephen’s company. Huston’s on-screen personality is furthered by the well-cut suits, body-con shirts and immaculate accessories, and the same goes for his co-actor, Daniel Wu, who plays Mr. Lu. You find yourself admiring the costumes as much as the acting.

We premier Port episode three, before it launches as a complete film at the Shanghai Fashion Week at the end of October.