Boot Camp

Photographer Sam Harris and David Hellqvist capture a selection of hiking boots from the Autumn Winter 2014 season

Autumn is here, and winter is around the corner. Whether staying in the city or heading out to explore nature, you’ll always need a waterproof coat and a wooly jumper – and good boots. Think about it; when out walking, your feet are in constant contact with the wet and cold ground. No wonder, then, that the success of your trip comes down to what footwear you’re in.

In an urban setting, hiking boots add weight and authority to your look. Quality knows no boundaries, whether climbing a mountain or going for a coffee, these hiking boots will keep you warm and dry.

Photography Sam A Harris
Styling & Words David Hellqvist

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5 Moncler, SAM HARRIS, Port
4 Abington, SAM HARRIS, Port
3 Diemme, SAM HARRIS, Port
2 Wood Wood, SAM HARRIS, Port
1 Louis Vuitton SAM HARRIS, PORT