Teenage: Jon Savage

From Flappers to Nazi youths, Matt Wolf’s film charts the evolution of western culture’s most present sub-group. Betty Wood talked to author Jon Savage about his book’s adaptation for the screen


Derek Jarman: Pandemonium Exhibition

Curator Mark Turner on the British artist’s love of London’s riverbank, and what he’d make of gay-politics 20 years after his death


Port Film: Ahmad Jamal

We visit the home of the celebrated jazz musician and composer for this short film


Port Magazine 12: Out 12 December

Editor-in-chief Dan Crowe takes us inside the new issue, featuring Chiwetel Edjiofor as our winter cover star


Dressing the Part

Forget French: the language of costume design is a whole lot more than past participles


Exclusive Film: Climbing The Shard

Having helped build several London skyscrapers, filmmaker Emily Cussins documents industrial abseiler Guy Hayhow at work on The Shard


Budget Constraints: Michel Faber

These days, making a film doesn’t come cheap – some budgets can exceed the GDP of some developing countries. But does blowing up buildings, totalling cars and paying for stars always make them better? Michel Faber thinks not, as Monsters proves…


10,000 Hours: Walter Murch

Film editor and sound designer for Apocalypse NowThe Godfather and The English Patient talks with Laura Barber


China: Hollywood Heads For The Wild, Wild East

Piracy runs rampant and even stars don’t give you the same bang for your box-office buck anymore. What’s a poor international media conglomerate to do?


Lunch With Ray Winstone

Over beef broth and Grey Goose, the actor tells Port’s editor Dan Crowe why British taxes are a waste of money, why the UK film industry is in a state – and why he wouldn’t live or work anywhere else


The Film: Decasia, 2002

Port regular Dominic Power recommends Bill Morrison’s 2002 abstract film of found-footage


China: Moving Mountains

Negotiating the Chinese film industry is tough, even for Hollywood types, but the world’s second-biggest economy promises big wins if you can play the game. In part one, John Sunyer looks at how big foreign films can be big business – but locally produced fare might be catching up

Belle Epoque: Behind The Scenes at The Newington Green Patisserie

At Work: Belle Epoque

An everyday look behind the scenes of the kitchen at the Newington Green patisserie


Six Photographs: René Burri

In this exclusive film, Matt Willey talks to the legendary Magnum photographer about six of his most iconic and interesting photographs, from Picasso to the reopening of the Suez Canal…