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Athens in Pictures: Resilience in the Capital


London-based photographer Robin Sinha shares his candid images of the inhabitants of Greece’s capital, exclusively with PORT

My first taste of Athens was back in 2010, I spent a weekend there before heading off to explore the surrounding islands. It was immediately apparent that the Greek government crisis had begun to take its toll on the city and its people; the Athenians couldn’t have predicted that things were about to go from bad to worse.

Six years later, I returned with an attitude of discovery and a sense of curiosity. The news had been filled with accounts of the country’s turmoil following, what seemed like, a never-ending recession. I wondered just how bad things had become and how its people were responding. The hardship was everywhere to be seen: the homeless inhabited the graffiti-stained streets and many buildings appeared dilapidated and derelict. Yet through the despair I sensed an air of defiance and a glimmer of hope.