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August 28, 2014
This Hotel Room: Carlton Arms

Banksy, Bruno Tanquerel, Robert Lewis – they’ve all left their mark on this hotel in New York, as Caroline Solomon and Reto Sterchi find out…

August 26, 2014
Psychogeography: Far From The Madding Crowd

Tom Spooner takes us on a physical journey across class-lines and geographical boundaries, demonstrating that in order to really understand our surroundings, we need to abandon conscious direction

August 22, 2014
This Is Just a Modern Rock Film: Stuart Murdoch
God Help the Girl

The Belle and Sebastian frontman discusses the near decade-long struggle to get his debut feature film God Help the Girl made

August 20, 2014
The Model Makers: Richard Threadgill Associates
Homepage, architectural model making

Why, in the age of CGI and 3D printing, are architectural models still relevant? Betty Wood goes to the studio of one of London’s leading model-makers to find out. Photography Liz Seabrook

August 19, 2014
Reputations: Jared Harris

Acting has become a pursuit towards maximum recognisability and exposure; here we talk to a rare mercurial actor who is swimming against that tide and putting his character first

August 18, 2014
Disobedient Objects: Protest by Design

Co-curators of Disobedient Objects Gavin Grindon and Catherine Flood select five highlight objects from the exhibition

August 15, 2014
Celebrity: Everything That’s Popular Is Boring
Veronica Lake

Robert Hughes charts the rise and fall of celebrity culture, and remembers when carefully constructed studio control was what mattered

August 14, 2014
Night at the Museum: The Workers, After Dark
After Dark robot with Henry Thomson's The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter 1820 After Dark, The IK Prize Photography- Alexey Moskvin c 2014

The East London design studio is giving the public the chance to explore Tate Britain at night, using four specially designed robots

August 13, 2014
At Work: Hampson Woods

Betty Wood heads to the Hackney Workshop of Jonty Hampson and Sascha Gravenstein to find out why their products, fashioned from London Plane trees, have a genuine history